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Charles Koch and Binare optionen trading strategie Koch Larry Ellison Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies are one of the disrupting technologies creating a big buzz today. It's hard to ignore its existence since Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies developed on this emerging technology are interestingly cryptocurrency is still worth it many investors, businesses, and governments.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding if the opinions of these influencing personalities are positive, negative or neutral about this revolutionary technology. Let's find out what top billionaires have to say about Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. On October 31st,three domains related to cryptocurrency were registered by Amazon.

This created a speculation about Amazon beginning with accepting the cryptocurrency.

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Though there were rumors about Amazon accepting the Bitcoin for its platform to this day, it hasn't happened yet.

This is not the only rumor that was circulated that reflects the chances of Amazon accepting the cryptocurrency.

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James Altucher, an investor made a comment in a report last month stating the D-Day moment for Amazon and Bitcoin. However, Amazon has been denying these rumors due to the majority of users using a debit card and credit card. Also, due to less demand for cryptocurrency, there have been no plans to accept the digital currency to date.

cryptocurrency is still worth it

Amazon adopts new products and services in the case they will be useful for the customers. As the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is rapidly getting popular; we can certainly expect Amazon being a part as well in days to come. Bill Gates was very optimistic about Bitcoin in He believed in the efficient benefits of the Bitcoin transactions. However, in an ask me anything session on Reddit, he linked the anonymity of digital currencies with terrorist funding and money laundering.

He even referred crypto-currencies to be the cause of death of people as these days, digital currencies like Bitcoin are used for trading of illegal drugs like synthetic Opioid Fentanyl. He further adds the speculative wave around the Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrencies is extremely risky on the long run.

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He claims Bitcoin is one of the speculative currencies and is even willing to bet against its success. Although he has been cynical about Bitcoin, he seems to be interested in Blockchain, a technology on top of which Bitcoin runs.

He is optimistic about this digital ledger where all the transactions are shared and verified. He also made positive comments on the underlying technology rather than the Bitcoin itself.

cryptocurrency is still worth it

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released software along with Ripple, for building cheap financial service infrastructure for the developing countries.

He is considered the most popular American investor who owns more than 60 companies including the battery maker Duracell, insurer Geico and restaurant chain Dairy Cryptocurrency is still worth it.

cryptocurrency is still worth it

He doesn't seem to be very fond of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He also constantly gets dragged into the topic of discussions due to his controversial statements related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

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He refers Bitcoin itself is creating nothing. He has constantly been arguing about the investment in Bitcoin as a gamble. He has even sworn about never buying a Bitcoin again. He refers to Bitcoin as a mirage and warns the investors to stay away from it. He also has been warning the investors about the certainty of bad end of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He has always been reluctant to invest in new technologies.